BVC Alumni



(Registered under Society Registration Act. 1960 vide Mah. Govt. No. 266/1988 G. B. B. S. D.)


      The year 1886 was the year of historical significance to Animal World in Asia. On 2nd of August that year, an institution, devoted to animal welfare was born in Bombay. This also marked the rise of one of the noblest professions in India. During last 133 years Bombay Veterinary College affectionately called BVC has presided over the growth and development of Veterinary Science and Profession, which was a saga of many ups and downs and of many obstacles crossed. Those of us who have passed through the portals of this noble institute and have lived to see it complete the centenary are really a fortunate lot. We have a responsibility to see this institute on road through the second century. As Alumni we owe this to our Alma Mater and as citizens, we owe this to posterity of our country. Out of these feelings, precisely, an idea of an association of BVC Alumni came to the fore and further crystallized during the centenary year. The lead taken by successive Deans and their colleagues, encouragement by several distinguished past students, has resulted in the formation of BOMBAY VETERINARY COLLEGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION on 4.12.1987 (Registered under Society Registration Act. 1960 vide Mah. Govt. No. 266/1988 G. B. B. S. D.)


  1. The name of the Association will be "Bombay Veterinary College Alumni Association." .
  2. The head-quarter and registered office of the Association will be at the Bombay Veterinary College, Parel, Mumbai - 400 012 (INDIA).

II. THE OBJECTIVES : 1987 - 2003.

  1.  To create and perpetuate a sense of love and devotion for the Alma Mater, by enrollment of members of various categories and to encourage them to donate towards various activities etc.
  2. To help to maintain a very high professional standard amongst the graduates of the college by disseminating to them information regarding the latest developments in the field of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry through the establishment of information services, such as a Journal / Veterinary Bulletin etc.
  3.  To promote educational, research and extension activities in the members of the Association, by encouraging various departments in the college to conduct training courses, workshops etc.
  4. To help in establishing the co-operation/laison between our college and public / Government departments / Industries, Agricultural and Veterinary universities and other institutes for mutual benefits in the field of research. To operate a placement service for the benefit of our students.
  5. To make suggestions to modify the existing academic curricula, whenever need is felt for the same.
  6. To appreciate and encourage outstanding students, alumni and workers in Veterinary profession, by felicitating them and calling upon them to present Orations, etc.
  7. To gear all the necessary efforts which will help to create a sense of comradeship and brotherhood amongst fellow members and other veterinarians. 


The Association shall consist of Patrons, Sustaining members, Life members, Members and Donor members.

  1. Patrons: The Vice-Chancellor of the University of which Bombay Veterinary College is constituent and Director of Animal Husbandry, Maharashtra State will be the Patrons of this Association. The Managing Committee of the Association may invite eminent personalities in the field to join the Association as Patrons.
  2. Sustaining members: Any individual or organization who donates Rs. 25,000/- or more to the Association to promote the above objects will be enrolled as sustaining member.
  3. Members: Members of the teaching staff (non-veterinarians) of this college, and Veterinary graduates who are not alumni of this college shall be eligible to become members of the Association by paying annual subscription of Rs. 250/-.
  4. Life membership: A Member or an alumnus will be eligible to become a Life member by compounding his membership subscription to Rs. 500/- by a single payment.
  5. Donor member: Any Veterinary graduate is eligible to avail as donor member for life with onetime payment of Rs. 1,000/-. Every member from A to E have a right to attend any general body meeting of the Association and only life members shall have voting powers and right to contest election for a post in Managing Committee of the said Association. The fees stated above are subject to change. 


  1. President - Associate Dean will be ex-officio.
  2. Managing Committee, consisting :
    1. Chairman
    2. Secretary
    3. Joint Secretary
    4. Treasurer
    5. Member Editor — Journal Committee
    6. Member Secretary — Scientists Home Committee.
    7. Member Secretary — Scientific Committee.
    8. Four Members from throughout Maharashtra State.
    • All members (from A to E) will be members of the General Body. Members should have registered at least a month before the general body, to contest elections/to vote.
    • Executive powers of the Association shall be vested in the Managing Committee.
    • The direction of the Association shall be in the hands of the President, assisted by the Chairman. The President shall call and preside at the meetings of the General Body. In his absence, the Chairman shall perform all the duties and functions of the President.
    • The Secretary will call the meeting of the Managing Committee and Chairman will conduct it. The day to day management of the Association shall be handled by Secretary / Joint Secretary and Treasurer.

The Associate Dean will be ex-officio President of the Alumni Association. All the members of Managing Committee shall be elected by the General Body at the Annual General Body meeting. The election will be carried out by ballot-paper method. It shall be the combined responsibility of the Chairperson and Secretary to conduct all the elections. The nomination for various officers shall be invited from the General Body by the Chairman assisted by Secretary. The posts of Secretary, Treasurer, Member Secretary-Scientists Home Committee, Member Editor and Member Secretary - Scientific Committee are to be filled from the Alumni working at the Bombay Veterinary College for smooth operation. Chairperson may be elected from among the life members’ resident in Bombay. In case of competition for the various posts, the nominations should be received by the Secretary in a sealed envelope at least 4 days in advance. The envelope then will be opened in front of the general body listing the nominee just prior to voting by ballot. The members should be supplied with blank ballot papers, at least two non-contesting members should be called as scrutinees for counting the votes cast and act Election Officer, they are appointed by the President.

The office bearers and authorities of the Association will hold the post for 3 years and they will be eligible for re-election or re-appointment as the case may be. The election during the Annual General Body Meeting shall be by ballots from among the members present at the meeting. The results will be declared by the President according to the majority or votes. In case of a tie of votes for two or more members the president shall be entitled to casting a vote to settle the issue.

As far as possible unanimous election of the office bearers shall be the criteria to initiate brotherhood, amongst the members.


    The General Body of the Association shall consist of members of all categories. The following business will be transacted at the Annual meeting of General Body to be held preferably along with the Annual day celebration of the College, on the 2nd August.
    1. To take note of the annual report and the annual accounts of the Association.
    2. The elections of the members of Managing Committee, if necessary.
    3. Approving minutes of the previous meeting.
    4. Consideration of the proposals which have been considered and recommended by the Managing Committee and other matters which are on the agenda.
    5. Appointment of auditors and fixing of their remuneration.
    6. A notice of the meeting of General Body specifying the time, place and business to be transacted there, shall be forwarded to the members of the Association, one month in advance of the scheduled date, by the Secretary.
    7. The President of the Association or in his absence, the Chairman shall preside at such a meeting.
    8. The quorum for Annual general meeting shall be 25 members. In the event of there being no quorum, a non-quorum meeting of members present at such a meeting will be held 30 minutes after the scheduled time.
    9. After discussion and recommendation by the Managing Committee, necessary items like (I) change in constitution, (II) expulsion of member. (Ill) vote of censure (IV) expenditure from reserve fund / fee etc. may be discussed at such a meeting.
    10. President may circulate any proposals to the members of the General Body for acceptance or rejection of the proposal by post and the resolution may be passed by the General Body. Proposals for amendment to any part of the constitution duly approved by the Managing Committee shall be circulated to the members as a part of the business of the General Body Meeting.
    11. The Annual General Body meeting shall be called by the Managing Committee within three to five months of the closure of the account year.
    12. Special General Body meeting may be called by the Managing Committee to transact urgent and important business not laid down in details of the business to be transacted at the Annual General Body meeting by giving a 15 day's notice to all the members.
    13. Extraordinary General Body meeting shall be called by the Managing Committee within 21 days on a requisition signed by 1/3"1 of total members or 25 members whichever is less. The requisition shall state the objects of the meeting and must be signed by requisitionist and deposited at the registered office of
    14. An extra ordinary General Body meeting may also be called at any time by President of the Association with three working days notice.
    1. The Managing Committee shall meet at least four times a year to see that the objects of the Association are promoted.
    2. The Managing Committee shall hold its first meeting within one month from the date of declaration of the result of the election of the office bearers, and will manage the working of the Association.
    3. The Managing Committee shall have the powers to collect and disburse the funds for the promotion of the objects of the Association.
    4. The Managing Committee shall appoint one/two auditors after approval of General Body and the
      Chairman shall get the accounts audited before presentation at the General Body meeting
    5. The Managing Committee shall keep a control over the finance of the Association. Viz. current funds, deposits, interests, disbursal of money, finances of training workshops etc..
    6. All the applications for the membership and offers for donation received by the secretaries or other office bearers will be presented to the Managing Committee for approval. The Quorum for the Managing committee shall be four, with at least one secretary.
    7. Any member of the Managing Committee remaining absent for 3 consecutive meetings of the committee "ipso-factor" will cease to continue to be a member of the Managing Committee, a resolution should be submitted to this effect and later the General body informed. The vacancy caused by such disablement shall be filled in next meeting of the General Body.
    8. The Managing Committee shall prepare a budget in consultation with the Treasurer for the financial year for presentation to the first General Body Meeting of the Association.
    9. The Managing Committee shall prepare a final statement of account and a report of work done during the year for presentation at the General Body Meeting.
    10. The Secretary shall maintain minutes of the meetings of the Managing Committee and the minutes of the General Body Meeting of the Association.  
    Chairperson will be the executive head of the Association and shall work to promote the objects of the Association, under the direction of the Managing Committee with the help of Secretary and other members of the Managing Committee.
    The Secretary and Joint Secretary will maintain all the records required for the information of the Association. Both will assist the Chairperson in carrying out the work as directed by the Managing Committee. They will also work under the instructions from the Chairperson, Managing committee. The Secretaries along with the treasurer will screened proposals for workshops / training courses and other such activities of association. They will grant permission for the conduction of these workshops and monitor other activities.
    It shall be the duty of treasurer to keep an upto date account of the Association under the instructions from Chairperson, Managing Committee. Every year sometime before the budget meeting of Managing Committee, he/she will prepare budget for the coming, year and present it to the Managing Committee for discussion before recommendation to the General Body for approval. He/ She shall also get audited the various heads of accounts from the approved auditor.
    Member Editor shall form Editorial Board comprising of a Joint Editor, who is from the college and above four members, from members of the Association in consultation with Managing Committee and shall carry out all duties pertaining to publication of journals, bulletins, or any such other activity to fulfill objective 11(b) of this Association with the help of the Editorial Board. He / She shall be responsible to Managing Committee and the General Body. The journal of Bombay Veterinary College is official organ of the Bombay Veterinary College Alumni Association and is published twice in a year, June arid December. It is intended for the publication of the review articles (guest), original / applied research articles, clinical observations, preliminary reports of scientific importance pertaining to animal health and production. The work conducted during the last five years will only be considered for publication.
    The journal of Bombay Veterinary College is official organ of the Bombay Veterinary College Alumni Association and is published twice in a year, June and December. It is intended for the publication of the review articles (guest), original / applied research articles, clinical observations, preliminary reports of scientific importance pertaining to animal health and production. The work conducted during the last five years will only be considered for publication.
    The official language of the journal is English. The manuscripts are accepted on the basis of scientific importance and suitability for publication. Contributions that have already been published in part or full in any language will not be entertained. This however, does not apply to communications that may have appeared as letter to the Editor / abstract of contribution to a symposium, provided the paper submitted adds significantly to the information already published. The journal reserves the right for editorial cuts.

There are various charges to be paid by the contributors of various categories, of articles :

i) At the time of sending the article Rs.50/- processing chargers have to be paid

ii) At the time of acceptance for publication if the author/s is/are not alumni then Rs. 100/- per person as subscription fees to be paid -the journal is posted free to BVCAA alumni. The scanning charges per photo would be Rs.120/- Same charges are levied for illustrations.

iii) The payment should be made along with the corrected final version of the manuscript, before
printing the article.

iv) An undertaking by the author/s declaring that the article sent by them is not published in any other journal or sent for publication elsewhere is a must and has to be accompanied as in no.(iii)before publication.

v) All remittances must be made by DD in favour of Bombay Veterinary College Alumni Association and for outstation cheque Rs.50/- may be added extra.


He/She shall form a Scientists Home Committee from members of the Association in consultation with the Managing Committee and shall carry out all duties pertaining to planning, raising funds, executing construction and maintenance of any structures, maintenance of records / registers etc. Envisaged by the association with the help of the Scientists Home Committee. He shall be responsible to Managing Committee and General Body


I. Booking of the Scientists Home should be by writing a letter addressed to Member Secretary Scientist Home, Bombay Veterinary College Alumni Association, Parel, Mumbai - 400012, accompanied by one days advance rental.

II. The stay in the guesthouse should not be more than 7 days and in two subsequent stays there should be a gap of minimum 4-6 days.

III. The rates of the Scientists home are as follows :

A/C Room (VIP Suits): Alumni : Rs.500/- per day
Veterinarians Rs.750/- per day
Others : Rs.1000/- per day
Non - A/C Rooms Alumni : Rs.200/- per head per day
Veterinarians : Rs.400/- per head per day
Others : Rs.500/- per head per day
Rent of hall Half day  : Rs. 1000/-
Full day : Rs. 2000/-


IV. Before taking the possession of the room, entry in the register is compulsory.

V. No clothes should be dried in the Verandah.

VI. Outside eatables / drinks are not allowed.

VII. Do not shift furniture, teapoy, chair, table etc from one room to other.

VIII. Do not take away any keys from cupboard / lockers / rooms etc. 

IX. Take away personal belonging at the time of leaving the room of Scientists home.

X. Alcohol is strictly prohibited.

XI. Any relaxation in the above rules is at the discretion of the Member-Secretary, Scientist Home only.

The Bombay Veterinary College Alumni Association decided to build a Scientists Home in Bombay Veterinary College Campus, Pare!. The land space was granted by Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth, Dapoli, Dist. Ratnagiri (10,000 sq. ft. land at Bombay Veterinary College, Parel campus). The Director General ICAR, New Delhi, while laying the foundation stone of the Home had expressed the will to grant funds for furnishing the Scientists home to the extent of Rs. 10 to 12 lakhs, but the grants have still to materialize.

All rates quoted above were approved in 2002-2003 and are subject to change. All donations are exempted from income-tax under 80G and should be drawn in favour of "Bombay Veterinary College Alumni Association" as DD/Cheque/ Please add Rs. 50/- extra for outstation cheques.



(Compoent of Venkateshwara Hatcheries Pvt. Ltd., Pune - Dr. B.V. Rao's group)

6. DR. M.R. HALDIPUR 10,001
7. DR. T.P. MAHAJAN  10,000
8. MR. AKNATH NAWADE  10,000
9. DR. M.L. GATNE  12,000
10. DR.V.V.RANADE  12,500
12. DR.(MRS) B.A.TALVELKAR  12,500
13. DR. S.R. PUNTAMBEKAR  10,100



He/ She shall form a Scientific Committee from members of the Association in consultation with the Managing Committee and shall carry out all duties pertaining to arranging Scientific lectures, symposia, seminars, orations etc. and any such other activity to fulfill objective IRC) of this Association with the help of Scientific Committee, he / she shall be responsible to Managing Committee and General Body.

8 (a) Regulations of Bai Ratanbai Gharda oration : 1986

Year 1985 was the centenary year of Bombay Veterinary College. During this year, Dr. K.H. Gharda. a well known chemical engineer and industrialist donated Rs. 30,000/-in memory of his late mother Bai Ratanbai Gharda who was a great animal lover. The first oration was held in the year 1986.

The objectives of oration were as follows :

To felicitate an eminent Veterinarian who has contributed to the field of Veterinary Science through his           research and extension work, and to invite him/her to deliver the oration, for the benefit of the Bombay
Veterinary College Alumni Association. It was decided that:

i) The oration would be titled as "Bai Ratanbai Gharda Oration" and it would be held every year on Bombay Veterinary Colllege foundation day (2nd August) or on preceding / following day if 2nd August happens to be holiday.

ii) The orator would be offered an honorarium of Rs. 500/- in cash and he/she would be offered III Tire AC Railway traveling expenses, local hospitality and accommodation. The expenditure for this would be met from the interest earned on the fund.
iii) The Professor/Heads of the Department of Bombay Veterinary College, would recommend the names of eminent veterinarians along with their biodata, to the Member Secretary, Scientific Committee. The selection committee consisting of Member Secretary Scientific Committee, two Heads of the Department of Bombay Veterinary College, Associate Dean, Bombay Veterinary College and one representative from M/S. Gharda Chemicals, Mumbai would select the orator after scrutinizing nomination forms. In year 1990 the Gharda Oration Fund was transferred to Bombay Veterinary College Alumni Association and the managing committee of Alumni Association in consultation with one representative from Gharda Chemicals as stated above was empowered to select the orator. The nomination proposals for the orator are now invited by the Member Secretary Scientific Committee from the Alumni of the Association.

8 (b) Regulations of Dr. S.R.M. Rao Memorial Oration: 1991

This lecture is delivered in the memory of the late Dr. Sasurla Ram Mohan Rao. Dr. Rao was a well-known parasitologist of India, he founded the department of Parasitology, Bombay Veterinary College in 1945 and was the first Professor and head for next 23 years till his retirement. He was born in 1909 in Andhra Pradesh, and was first D.Sc. (1939) of Zoology, faculty if Banaras Hindu University, Banaras. He worked at Johns Hopkins Institute, U.S.A. on full bright fellowship in early fifties.

As a Professor in Bombay Veterinary College, he taught two generations of Veterinarians. As a Dean of Faculty of Technology, Bombay University. He was the main force behind starting post-graduate programme in Bombay Veterinary College in 1960. He guided 15 students for Doctoral degree. He published more than 100 papers in reputed journals. His main contributions have been in the field of Coccidiosis, ticks, oribatid mites. Amphistomes, Trichinellosis and Strongyles. He authored a book " A decade of Progress in Veterinary Science (1960-1970)" published by Indian Science Congress Association and edited Bombay Veterinary College Magazine for several years. The Scientific community of India honored him by electing him as president of (Medical and Veterinary Sect.) Indian Science Congress Association in 1968 and the University Grants Commission honored him by offering him the chair of "Professor of Emeritus". Dr. Rao passed away in 1988 and his students and admirers came forward to institute this oration in his memory. Bombay Veterinary College Alumni Association readily agreed to take up the responsibility and funds flooded in not only from his students and admirers but also from Pharmaceutical companies. The first oration was held in 1991. In all till today the core fund for Rao Memorial Oration has accumulated to Rs. 37,000/- (Rs. Thirty Seven Thousand only) This is a meager amount and further donations are solicited from one and all. To meet the expenditure for organizing this lecture the interest of the core fund is used.

It was decided that:

1) The Rao Memorial Oration will be organized every year, in month of December by the Professor Parasitology, Bombay Veterinary College.
2) The speaker will be preferably an Eminent Parasitologist if not possible, an eminent man related to the field.
3) The speaker will be decided by Professor of Parasitology in consultation with Member, Secretary, Scientific Committee and the managing committee of the Alumni Association.
4) The speaker will be honored by citation, a suitable momento, local hospitality and III tire AC rail fare.


The conduction of workshop/training courses, as stated under immediate objectives - page no. objectives no. lib and under immediate Rules and regulations (1994) page no. 1 / (c). The Rules and Regulation in details are formulated as several departments undertake formal / popular workshops and training courses for the interested public in general. This activity is mainly for the development of the particular department, the undertaking of courses benefits the P.G. students and the Alumni Association as well. These courses are conducted under the banner of Bombay Veterinary College Alumni Association.

1. The department which wishes to undertake the workshop/training programme, has to give to the Bombay Veterinary College Alumni Association, the details of the nature of the workshop, numbers of participants, the fees charged, how the fees would be utilized etc. and an undertaking that 15% of the total fees collected, as well as the balance, would be transferred to the Alumni Association. The proforma is outlined in Annexure I.
2. Annexure II gives details of the receipting practice i.e., all the fees paid would be receipted in the Bombay Veterinary Alumni Association receipt book which is returned after the end of the course along with other accounts. All the money receipted is deposited with the treasurer. The Secretary or Treasurer will then release the same after deduction of 15%
3. The Annexure IV outlines the details of the materials purchased by the department and the indexing of these as dead stock in dead stock register maintained for this purpose and the consumable articles in
the consumable register maintained similarly. Each bill has to be certified by the Professor / Section-in-charge as "Paid by me". All the original bills have to be returned to the Treasurer for auditing in Bombay Veterinary Alumni Association, in case of any discrepancy the concerned person would be called for explanation by the auditors.

The printing / cyclostyling / Xeroxing of the course contents, certificates, other materials, accommodation if any, use of BVCAA conference hall, etc; all has to be accounted and paid for, by the concerned department from the fees generated.

This course must also benefit the M. V.Sc. students of that department and therefore it is expected that at least Rs. 500/- per course may be paid to those M. V.Sc. students who undertake the course curriculum (in part or whole), and receipts may be obtained from them. If any additional attendant is employed or if some money is paid to any departmental staff, the receipt may be obtained and accounted for. The Rs. 500/- may also be paid to retired Alumni or outside lecturers etc., but such a practice is not encouraged generally.

The treasurer in conjunction with the secretary and chairperson shall issue a letter to the Professor / Section-in-charge of the materials in the dead-stock / consumable register maintained for the purpose. As in Annexure III the dead stock and consumable items should be separately listed out and permission sought from MAFSU by the concerned department to enter the dead stock items in the departmental register, since the money which is returned for the departmental use by the Bombay Veterinary Alumni Association is to be considered as money donated by BVCAA to that department for its improvement and development i.e. of its extension, education and related activities which comes under the preview of University (MAFSU) statutes no. 123, clause 6 and statue no. 124.

Bombay Veterinary College Alumni Association can raise and donate the funds for activities such as research, workshops, training programmes etc., as stated in its immediate objectives no. 5 and II (c) see Annexure III.


A) All the funds and properties l movable and immovable) of the Association shall belong to the Association collectively and no individual member shall have any property rights over it.
B) The General funds of the Association shall consist of membership fees and donations from members of all categories and well-wishers.
C) The current funds shall consist of the subscription fees received during the year and donations  
received during the year, which will be budgeted for the expense of the Association after taking 50% of the said amount to reserve funds. The interest accrued from the reserve funds may be utilized in the same year. Accounting year will be from 1st April to 31st March. All accounts will be audited.
D) All funds received from various sources will be deposited suitably in Scheduled banks of India.
E) Funds will be operated by Treasurer and Chairperson / Secretary.
F) For routine expenditures, the Managing Committee can take the decisions involving 10 % of the balance (at the time of taking the decisions). In exceptional cases, the expenditure more than 10% of the_ balance can also be taken by the Chairperson and the Secretary, jointly. However, ex-post-facto sanction for the same should be taken from the Managing Committee in its subsequent meeting. For expenditure, above this amount, the General Body shall permit the Managing Committee. The General Body will take decisions in line to the outlined in the Alumni Association's rules. As far as possible the payment should be made by cheque or as per the decisions of the Committee and the expenditure be authorized by the Chairperson.
G) Dissolution of the Association would be as per the procedure laid down in section 13 and 14 of the Societies Registration Act, 1960. Certified that this is the true and correctly compiled constitution of the Bombay Veterinary College Alumni Association (BVCAA)



Bombay Veterinary College Alumni Association


Bombay Veterinary College Alumni Association

Jt. Secretary

Bombay Veterinary College Alumni Association


Bombay Veterinary College Alumni Association


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